About The Science of Melanin
The Science of Melanin: Dispelling the Myths (1995) was originally published by Beckham House Publishers. As the first scientific exploration into the area of melanin research by Dr. T. Owens Moore, The Science of Melanin is being distributed by Zamani Press. Therefore, both Dark Matters-Dark Secrets and The Science of Melanin are being marketed in tandem by Zamani Press to provide the reader with a thorough understanding of information related to melanin. Moore makes the complex information simple for the common person to comprehend.
The Science of Melanin is a full-length scientific analysis of melanin research. The reader will get a thorough understanding of what melanin is and why it is important to all humans. Moore divides this book into three parts.
In Part One, a critical analysis of the literature of four popular African-centered scholars is presented. The importance of blackness from a physiological perspective is also presented to highlight the advantages of melanin functioning.
In Part Two, Moore breaks down the role of melanin in the nervous system, the endocrine system, the visual system, the auditory and the vestibular system and the skin. Scientific articles are reviewed, and Moore interprets the results from experimental research for the common person to understand. Part Two concludes with information pertaining to the importance of melanin during early childhood development.
In Part Three, a provocative analysis is presented to address the material-spiritual connection between man and the universe. The mechanisms involved in the physiological processing of melanin is proposed as the conduit to keep people in tune with the cosmic elements that exist in the universe. The book concludes with ideas for prospective research related to melanin functioning.
About Dark Matters – Dark Secrets
Dark Matters – Dark Secrets (2005) is a continuing exploration into the area of melanin research. Melanin is commonly known as the substance that produces skin pigmentation, and this book will be valuable to any reader interested in the various effects of pigmented cells in the skin as well as the central nervous system.
Moore divides this book into two parts. In Part One (Dark Matters), a new and exciting perspective on the role of melanin in the skin is presented with a lengthy discussion on the pineal gland and the brain. Essentially, DARK DOES MATTER as a critical factor for the maintenance of life.
In Part Two (Dark Secrets), a biopsychosocial approach is presented to discuss drug addiction and how the drug binding capabilities of melanin can make a person more susceptible to the effects of some drugs.
The reader will obtain a unique outlook on health, nutrition, the human body and learn new concepts related to the most complex entity in the universe, the brain. The emphasis is placed on how the pigment melanin found in dark skin and the melanated centers of the body are essential for proper physiological functioning.
Astrophysicists use dark matter to describe the intriguing material in the external universe, and this Brainscientist uses the term dark matter to describe the neuromelanin in the brain of the internal universe.

Book Review – Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening (2018) by J.A.H. Diouck
The Melanin Institute of Hue-man Technology (MIHT) is excited to promote Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening as an essential document to support the mission of self-mastery. The author, J.A.H. Diouck, has provided us with a masterful guide to using natural elements to enhance life. The 25 chapters are written in three parts to cover an extensive connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Feeding the mind with correct history and good thoughts is just as important as feeding the body with the proper nutrients. Diouck uses history lessons to express the power of nourishing the mind with both a connection to the Creator and having positive vibrations. Also, she provides pigmented food items that are necessary to enhance life in a positive direction. Negativity kills the human spirit whereas positivity promotes and enhances the human experience.
Channeling the positive vibrations requires a human body that can absorb light and transform that physical energy into spiritual enlightenment. Having the proper knowledge of how the nervous system works and how it functions to stimulate the chakra system and the pineal gland is what you will learn from this book.
From my extensive experience on the topic of melanin, I have found no other book that has elevated the discussion on how to enhance a pigment powered body. As a Master Nutritionist, Diouck comprehensively describes the best way to feed a melanin-dominant system. She is admired for applying her knowledge to the real world. Through proper nutritional enhancements, the content in this book will help you to enhance cellular functioning in pigmented human cells. This book teaches you how to take possession of your mind, cleanse your body temple, rejuvenate your soul, obtain nourishing foods, acquire physical activity, seek daily spiritual medication, and cultivate loving, kind, and peaceful thoughts.
Detoxing and cleansing are instrumental to reach a higher state of consciousness. This book contains unique concoctions from a juicing expert to make the body fit for spiritual awakening. To add to the scientific literature on melanin that is discussed at MIHT, this book has a dedicated section on how to maximize your melanin potential. The steps to cleanse your body and rejuvenate your soul are found in the many formulas created by the author who has owned and operated Juice Bars. No other contemporary book has highlighted the power of plant foods as the natural technology to improve our health and to keep the melanin-dominant body fit.
In sum, we cannot exist in life without proper direction. Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening is the book to read and follow. I fully endorse the approach of this author to implement the need for pigmented food items as the necessary resource to enhance health. If you want expert advice, you go to the expert. Diouck has written this book to rank her as one of the top nutritionists in the world who have mastered the application of her skills to awaken our power within.
T. Owens Moore, Ph.D.

About Pigment Power

Pigment Power: Topics on Melanin in Science and Health (2020) is a thoroughly researched and provocative book that will provide you with a clear understanding on the importance of melanin from a wide range of topics. An analysis of current scientific research articles as well as ancient texts are interpreted for the reader to understand the impact of “blackness” in the world scheme. Moore covers areas pertaining to the cellular unit containing melanin, the impact of skin color on human relations, technological advancements using the science of melanin, cosmic connections related to interstellar contact, and he concludes with the power of pigment as a defense system to fight the worldwide viral pandemic. The exciting information is written in the following chapters:
Chapter 1 – The Social Implications of Blackness
Chapter 2 – The Role of Melanin in Health Promotion
Chapter 3 – Melanin and Nervous System Development
Chapter 4 – Sunconscious
Chapter 5 – Electromagnetic Energy and Mental Health
Chapter 6 – Rhythm Nation
Chapter 7 – Penis Power and Pigmentation
Chapter 8 – Melanin and Cellular Enhancement
Chapter 9 – Melanin Protection, Stress and Aging
Chapter 10 – Technology and the Blackest of Black
Chapter 11 – Astrobiology and Melanin
Chapter 12 – Pigment Powered Defense System
Pigment Power will make you mentally illuminated and consciously “endarkened.”

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