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April is Black Media Appreciation Month: #TheNewBlackMedia

Show your favorite Black Media Personalities support by posting uplifting loving-kind posts in their comment boxes. Feel free to toss in some coins as well for their hard work and dedication to our ONE and only cause: Liberation of our People: Body-Mind & Soul– HaleluYAH!!!

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ALL Nations worldwide are CONFEDERATE against the Tribe of Yisra’el so watch and listen to the White-Media with cautious ears for RELEVANT updates only. Never emotionally attach to their sorrows and their woes; especially when they want you to march and protest with them to get their lost freedoms back; they deserve exactly what is coming to them. They thoroughly enjoyed their Blessings, so let them indulge the same passion in their promised Curses!

Ignore their False Prophets filled with ‘lying’ spirits, ignore their False Prophecies, Fake Catholic-Christian Doctrine, White Jesus BS, and beware of ADs featuring so-called Black people when they want to promote all things negative, especially their latest genocide agenda.

How many Black people live in Australia, but TruNews posts a photo of a Black mother with child on Australian TV, receiving her kool-aid jabscine; never forget that this is all a part of their generational Programming strategy. Follow their generational patterns and you realize none of them are anywhere close to as smart as they think they are; they just copy and repeat using updated technology to switch things up. They are Intellectual Property thieves that constantly steal our words and our Information, then turn around and regurgitate it as if it were theirs; there is nothing new under the sun. These monsters are beyond disgusting. They are truly indicative of the movie They Live, for much of what you see in the flesh is demon-possessed. May The Most-High deal with them much sooner than later.


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JEWEL UNIVERSITY of IMMORTAL SCIENCES (JUIS)  “Mission is to provide accurate, life sustaining knowledge, information and resources to huemanity to empower and renew the constitution of the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and soul bodies of huemanity.

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Our mission is to curate, exhibit, and preserve the legacies and life-work of our so-called BLACK researchers, scholars, educators, historians, priest-Scientists and priest-Kings throughout the Ancient-Americas, covering  North, Central and South America, and other lands of Shem, comprising one half of the earth’s surface.  Ancient-America will forever be remembered as the ancient YAH-given & blessed:  ‘Lands of Shem.’

We will trace our Ancient-American (Native, Indian, Mulatto, Colored, Negro, Black, African) cultural history throughout the Americas which will guide us back to ancient Hebrew nations in Great Britain (the Druids) then on to the indigenous Picts of Scotland (Scotia) ending at the native Munster Territory in Southern Ireland.  These primitive lush-lands were originally named the Kingdom of Iesa by the aboriginal Hebrew Yisraelite copper-colored priest-scientists and kings who inhabited those blessed Lands! 

Since Africa and the Middle East (Ishmael) are the ‘Lands of Ham‘ we will shift our current-day focus to the secret, hidden-history of our true heritage.  We descend from Shem and our homelands are the Americas.  Shem’s lineage was blessed by The Most High with 1/2 of the entire earth, while Japheth and Ham each received 1/4 of the earth’s lands, territorial waters, and designated air space. 

Our tribal goal is to eternally secure our entire borders from all ‘enemies’ as we reclaim our rightful homelands and regather our scattered ‘brethren’ along with our historical, geographical and biblical records, and ancient artifacts from nations Across All four Corners of The Almighty Creator’s Earth-Creation.

We will trace our Ancient-American (Native, Indian, Mulatto, Colored, Negro, Black, African) culture and heritage throughout the Americas which will guide us back to ancient Hebrew nations in Great Britain (the Druids) then on to the indigenous Picts of Scotland (Scotia) ending at the native Munster Territory in Southern Ireland. These primitive lush-lands were the site of the Church of Iesa built by the aboriginal Hebrew Yisraelite copper-colored priest-scientists and priest-kings who inhabited those ancient blessed Lands!

Immortal-souls made of gold never die, we just ascend into the next realm-dimension.” Big Judah

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