Listervelt Middleton

Listervelt Middleton on the set of his television show.

Listervelt Middleton made it his mission in life to educate African-Americans about their history and their contributions to society. Beginning in 1977, he hosted the South Carolina weekly television series “For The People” that offered a historical focus on African-American life; and used the show as a platform for African history scholars, anthropologists, archaeologists, and psychologists.

The show was so successful that it was aired in the Detroit, Memphis, Oakland, California, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Washington, Atlanta, Barbados, and Virginia markets.

When he wasn’t involved with “For The People”, Listervelt Middleton served as news director of radio station WOIC; and published three books of poetry: Fatback And Caviar, We Be Creosote People, and Southern Winds, African Breezes.