Upcoming Classes & Programs

Cultural Therapeutics Certification: 9 week Program

Beginner Classes:

The Basics of Melanin Functioning

The Social and Political Aspects of Blackness

The Human Body and Protecting Your Temple

Intermediate Classes:

The Nervous System:

Human Physiology and Melanin

History and Consciousness

Advanced Classes:

Technical Applications of Melanin Research

The Origins of People on the Planet

Interplanetary Connections to Humanity

After completing the Nine Week Program, participants will be certified in CULTURAL THERAPEUTICS.  The participant will be certified and knowledgeable to deliver information to address matters related to melanin-dominant people for the purpose of re-education.  Participants will have obtained the relevant information to dismantle inferiority complexes that exist in many melanin-dominant communities in the African diaspora.  The certification for CULTURAL THERAPEUTICS will be valuable for families, educators, community centers, churches and international educational centers.

The curriculum is a direct response to the negation of any information which portrays black, dark or melanin as a negative aspect of life.  The program does not provide information to say anything opposite to a melanin-dominant system as bad, but the focus will be on promoting the positive aspects of melanin and the beauty of pigmentation with no apologies for being melanin-dominant.  The need to express inferiority or superiority of any human is not the thrust of this mission.  After completing this course, the participant will be qualified to know the importance of melanin as a basic element of making the human experience hueman.

Essay and multiple-choice questions are given after each module.  An 80% and above pass rate is needed to complete a module.  Nine weekly 60-minute broadcasts for teaching will be provided.  However, self-study will be required from a lesson plan from recordings only available on the course website.