Our duty is to empower you by teaching you how to maximize and profit from your most valuable asset–your BLACK Melanin.

“Your Health is Your Wealth.”

Dr. T. Owens Moore: The Temple of Biopsychochemistry – Bing video

We work collaboratively with melanated teachers from all disciplines of the hue-manities including researchers, spiritual leaders, scientists, legal counselors, educators, medical doctors, financial advisors, college professors, and holistic health practitioners to curate, archive, and teach this divine wisdom to our brethren.  Contact:

The Most High did not give BLACK the material riches of the land but He gave Black the Greatest Genes on Earth! Melanin is BLACK Gold!

We offer Melanin Workshops, Nutrition Seminars, and affordable Exercise Classes to get you in tip-top shape to maximize your spiritual and melanin potential. 

Learn the 101 basics of The Science of Melanin down to The Business of Melanin!

“Each one TEACH one.” Healing our BLACK Tribe…one melanated Soul at a time.

Introduction to Melanin:  What is Melanin?  Join us for a frank discussion about melanin, what it is, how come its not talked about very often, only referred to as a skin pigment, how it directly impacts your life, and the powerful benefits of this dynamic molecule.  

“The Science of Melanin–Melanin as Hue-man Technology”  Taught by Dr. T. Owens Moore, Author of The Science of Melanin & Dark Matters Dark Secrets.  

The Business of Melanin: -Learn how to start a business from beginning to day of opening, starting with a professional Business Plan.  According to the SBA, the #1 reason why small businesses fail is because of NO Business Plan. Winging it is guaranteed failure in the corporate business world.  

The Fountain of Pigmented Juice (Liquid Gold) Demo:  Liquid Nourishment by our Liquid Chef. Plant Foods are Melanin Medicine

Melanin:  The Chemical Key to BLACK Greatness. Melanin is a Dynamic & Powerful Spiritual Molecule.