Dr. T. Owens Moore–CEO

Dr. Moore is the President & Chief Education Officer (CEO) of Melanin Institute of Hue-man Technology™ (MIHT).
Dr. Moore is a trained Biomedical Research Scientist and Physiological Psychologist.  Dr. Moore earned his B.S. degree from Lincoln University, PA and completed his master’s and doctoral thesis work at Howard University in Washington, D.C. 
Professor Moore is a distinguished educator who appreciates interdisciplinary studies and has served as a college professor and scholar for more than 25 years.  His specialty courses are in the fields of Neuroscience and African-Centered Psychology. Dr. T. is currently serving our community as a Full Professor & Chairperson of the Department of Psychology at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. 
Professor Moore has written 3 excellent books on melanin:  The Science of MelaninDark Matters  Dark Secrets and Pigment Power.  

Dr. Moore says if he had more time in his busy schedule he would teach professional tennis techniques to student athletes who come in all ages, sizes and colors.  DrTMooreonline@gmail.com 707.879.0275   http://www.drtmoore.com/