“Our hearts already know the Path to Happiness & Inner Peace.  When we forget our heart’s message, we become lost, anxious, or depressed.” 

Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D.  Psychiatrist & Author of ‘Many Lives Many Masters


We are a team of melinated teachers from all disciplines of the huemanities–spiritual leaders, scientists, researchers, educators, legal counselors, financial advisors, college professors, medical doctors and holistic health practitioners.

Our duty is to empower you by teaching you how to utilize and profit from your most valuable asset–your BLACK Melanin. “Your Health is Your Wealth.”

God did not give BLACK the material riches of the land but He gave us the Greatest Genes on Earth!

Melanin is BLACK Gold!

We offer Melanin Workshops, Nutrition Seminars, and affordable Exercise Classes to get you in tip-top shape to maximize your spiritual and melanin potential. 

Learn the 101 basics of The Science of Melanin down to The Business of Melanin!

“Each one TEACH one.”

Healing our BLACK Tribe…one melinated Soul at a time.