“The delicious process of easing into a pose is far more valuable than rushing into final poses”

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  • Massage-Bodywork
  • Yoga Asanas
  • OMeditation
You are guided through a series of yoga poses as your instructor applies bodywork compressions and safe asana assists to improve posture, elongate muscle tissue, and increase flexibility.  Sessions end with guided meditation for ultimate relaxation & rejuvenation!
"There is no competition or end results rooted in the ancient tradition of yoga.   The physical movement (hatha) is performed to prepare the body for (raja) meditation."
MYO Movement™ has evolved over the years since our first large workshop at the Health Club @ The Fairmont Hotel 10 years ago, yet our core mission and goals are constant.
Core Mission:  To teach correct yoga posture alignment, massage bodywork compressions and safe yoga assists to students and novice yoga teachers.
Core Goal:  To empower you to take complete care and responsibility for your body–the only place your mind & soul has to live!
All classes are lead by qualified & certified MYO MOVEMENT™ Instructors trained in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, yoga, and massage therapy to ensure safe & effective results.  We adhere to the 
Hippocratic Oath -- "1st Do No Harm"  

Class:  $35     Private Session:  $95