Team Biographies

Jo Anna Hawthorne,  Chief Juicing Officer (CJO)

Wellness Coach, Teacher, Author, Speaker

JoAnna is the epitome of good health and vitality. At over half a century young, she began “juicing” over two decades ago and diligently makes fresh organic vegetable juice cocktails a part of her daily regimen.  When she goes a few days without a “juice boost” Jo Anna feels less energized and not as alert.   Her theory, “nourishing foods, regular physical activity, a spiritual practice and a positive outlook on life are the KEY to health and vitality.”Jo Anna attended the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico, where she received Certification in the Living Foods Lifestyle Program. This experience validated what she has known for so many years; that all of our diets should consist of mostly raw living foods and everything else in moderation.  Jo Anna also spent one year in California studying raw and living foods and hosted wellness retreats in Puerto Rico.  Jo Anna earned a B.B.A. in Finance graduating cum laude from Howard University.  This L.C.M.T.  received her “Masters“ in Massage Therapy from the Potomac Massage Therapy Institute (PMTI) and has performed well over 5000 contact hours of therapeutic healing massage.  She studied Pranassage at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica and recently completed advanced training in Thai Medical Massage at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chaingmai, Thailand.  Jo Anna has worked as a Realtor, Spa Manager, Restauranteur and Event Planner.  She practices yoga on a regular basis and loves to bike, run and hike in the great outdoors with her family.

Bianca,  Technology Consultant
Bianca is a recent graduate from Columbia University with a B.A in Political Science and Ethnic Studies. Bianca oversees web design and outreach and has been a part of the Rejuvenista team since 2012.  Bianca has been interested in juicing for several years–even using her juicer in college to give her a natural energy boost.  Bianca enjoys juice cleansing, running, biking and traveling.