Black Indians, Copper-Colored Races, Hebrews to Negroes, Indigenous Americans, Yisraelites

Ancient-American Hebrews

It is the glory of The Most-High to conceal a thing; but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2

Our mission is to curate, exhibit, and preserve the legacies and life-work of our so-called BLACK researchers, scholars, educators, historians, priest-Scientists and priest-Kings throughout the Ancient-Americas, covering North, Central and South America, and other lands of Shem, comprising one half of the earth’s surface. Ancient-America will forever be remembered as the ancient YAH-given & blessed: ‘Lands of Shem,’ overflowing with milk & honey.

We will trace our Ancient-American culture and heritage (Indian, Mulatto, Colored, Negro, Black, African-American), our many assigned ‘by-words’ including the infamous nickname of ‘Niger’ throughout the Americas which will guide us back to ancient Hebrew nations in ancient Europe in The British Isles, starting with the aboriginal Druids of (Britain), then on to the indigenous Picts of Scotland (Scotia) ending at the native Munster Territory in Southern Ireland, revisiting the lands of the aboriginal Iberno Celts of (Ireland).

These primitive lush-lands were the site of The Great Pyramid and The Church of Issa, built by the aboriginal Hebrew Yisraelite copper-colored warrior-Scholars, priest-Scientists and priest-Kings (Noah & descendants after the flood) who inhabited those ancient Blessed Lands! Before the flood our forefathers inhabited the green, lush, beautiful & magical continent of Ancient-Atlantis, (the Garden of Eden).

Since Africa and the Middle East (Ishmael) are the ‘Lands of Ham‘ we will shift our current-day focus to the secret, hidden-history of our true heritage. 

We so-called Negro-Americans descend from Shem, and we are the true indigenous Aboriginal-Americans on our rightful homelands. Shem’s lineage was blessed by The Most-High with 1/2 of the entire earth, while Japheth and Ham each received 1/4 of the earth’s lands, territorial waters, and designated air space. The original 3 parts of the Earth in the Bible are Europe, Asia, and Africa. The 4th part is The Americas that the Pale Horse finds and then comes over and invades with the sword, killing, oppressing, and confounding the original peoples of the American Lands!

The Zondervan Bible states that “Ham is the progenitor of the Black race, but not the Negro, the Negro is from the line of Shem.”

A picture is worth 1000, wordy, word, words. Noah divided the entire earth between his 3 sons (Japheth, Ham & Shem). Japheth was given the cold lands, Ham was given the hot lands, and Shem was given the best lands on the earth, with both hot and cold lands (four seasons). Please identify the Lands of Japheth, Ham & Shem on the above world map, as well as ‘The Promised Land’ to The Tribe of Yisra’el?

Our tribal goal is to eternally secure our entire borders from all ‘enemies’ as we reclaim our rightful homelands and regather our scattered brethren (sisters & brothers), stolen from the Americas, then shipped via the current up to Europe, down to Africa, then back around to South America, Central America, and North America, thus confusing and confounding the treasured ones. Our enemies created made up nations, gave us new languages and new borders to divide us, then set out about to change all world maps, renaming cities, countries. America is the Old World, not the new, as the Pyramids in the Americas are much older than the Pryamids of Egypt. Camels, palm trees, and of corn, are all indigenous to the Americas. We will also reclaim and regather our historical, geographical and biblical records, and ancient artifacts from nations Across All four Corners of The Almighty Creator’s earth creation; all as we Praise & Worship our Father in Heaven, The Most-High YAH!!!

The unsealing of the Lost-Hidden Books of the ‘Bible’ and Ancient Texts, indicates ‘The Fullness of The Gospel’ is being returned back to the rightful Tribe of Yisra’el. This major revelation confirms we are transitioning out of Jacob’s Trouble and in the generation of ‘Esau’s Trouble.’

WE Hebrew Yisraelites:  The immortal-souls of the earth, made of gold, ‘declare’ to the world that we are the Aboriginal Ancient-American copper-colored sun-charged Spiritualites (The10 not Lost but Hidden-Tribes) of North, Central & South America.  The Americas are the Ancient Holy-Lands and The Promised Land to Yisrael, from OUR Father in Heaven; the Most-High, “Creator of the cosmos, heavens, earth, and all bodies of water.”

Note: Hebrews who feel they belong in Africa and the Middle East should by all means prepare to Exodus; we will gladly assist you on your journey since our mission is to cleanse, purify, and rejuvenate our ancient holy lands!

Immortal-souls made of gold never die, we just ascend into the next realm-dimension.”    Big Judah

“A Divine Council shall be established consisting of Judah (kingship), Levi (priesthood) and Joseph-Ephraim (birthright). A secondary council shall be established consisting of all 12 tribes of Yisreal. Discipline and Hierarchy are the 2 most-important words into the Kindgom of YAH. Thus saith our LORD.”

As ‘this’ world descends deeper into despair, delusion, and ‘organized spiritual chaos’ The Most High is building his new parallel ‘world’ made for HIS select chosen few. “Let those with eyes see; let those with ears hear. Only the WISE will survive and only a REMNANT is needed.

Questions to Ponder: Is Turtle Island (North America) the Island that holds up the entire world on its back (Yacob)? Is modern-day New England, ‘Babylon’ with New York City as its capital? Does Washington, DC represent ancient ‘Egypt’? Did Shem reside in Nova Scotia Canada, since Rebecca went to visit Shem when she was pregnant with Esau and Jacob or was Shem in his original homeland of Europe in ancient Ireland, Scotia and the British Isles? Are the primitive lands of The British Isles part of Shem’s inheritance as well as the entire continent ancient Europe? Was Japheth given Asia, Ham Africa and Shem Europe, with the Americas being reserved for the Spiritualites (Yacob). Or were Japheth’s primitive lands used to preserve the Church of Iesa and the hidden books, since The Gospel was spread world-wide to their brethren by ancient Hebrew priests, or both?

When the earth was divided into 3 parts did Shem inherit Europe, Japheth Asia and Ham Africa? Were The Americas promised to Shem; and was North America (Turtle Island) promised to Father Abraham and The Tribe of Yisrael? Who inhabited the primitive lands of Greenland and Iceland?

Is being ‘taken into the wilderness’ a physical (body) experience, or a spiritual (mind)experience?

Are Hollywood and San Francisco symbolic of Sodom & Gomorrah? Will the states of Colorado, New York, Florida, Louisiana, and parts of Texas be completely wiped out due to their many sinful and offensive inhabitants? Will California break off into a separate island, taking Oregon and Washington states with them? Will Chief Warrior God open the earth and sink the entire disgusting capital city of Washington, DC? Have the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and San Francisco, committed the most heinous of sinful acts against Chief Warrior God? How will modern-day Babylon be taken down?

Were the 12 tribes (Yisraelies) inter-mixing with other Shemites, who were also Scripturally classified as Gentiles and heathens, as well as the descendants of Canaan who migrated from his assigned Hamite lands on the continent of Africa, and took over the ‘promised land’ in North America? Judah married a Canaanite woman. Does ancient Egypt in the Bible have anything to do with modern day Egypt in east Africa, whose biblical name is Mizraim?

“To understand the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration.” Nikola Tesla got it…then his so-called brethren ‘stole’ it…

“As it is written, Jacob I have Loved, but Esau have I hated.” (Romans 9:13).

The Most High hates the Seed of Satan and ‘forms his creations in the womb’ only. Therefore if you were genetically engineered (fallen demon DNA) in a test-tube, in Satan’s science laboratory, you do not belong to the Most High YAH.

Preaching to the world that the Most-High loves all living beings on earth is blasphemy, which is why TMH selects his Spiritual Warriors with meticulous care.

The goal of spiritual warfare is to bring the enemy to his knees, and then flat on his face. Spiritual warriors are not here to appease the enemy. Hebrews still on the battlefield playing Hopscotch with the heathen, fellow Hebrews, Shemites, and Gentiles alike, will be stepped on, or stepped over by the WISE warriors with swords raised, in both hands.

We are here to replace the Gentile BEAST system of White-Supremacy Racism (WSR) with Divine-Hebrew Justice, by all means necessary; it’s as simple as that! The swagerjacking THIEVES are out in full force, they cannot even formulate their own original quotes, they simply steal ours, add fancy borders then broadcast to the walking-dead WORLD. And these empty-vessels made of dirt just keep on eating it up and drinking it all down with the kool-aid. May TMH obliterate this wicked-wretched world as soon as possible that sits smack in the center of his beautiful earth creation. PEACE!!!

All nations worldwide clearly know what is going on for they are all partakers in the global crime of being ‘Confederate’ against the Yisraelites. Abraham was but one of Shem’s many sons that became nations. Gentiles who continue to foolishly think their ‘silence’ will save them (White Jesus has left the building) and life will continue as usual are in for a rude awakening. Those days are over, for soon their prideful silence will turn into their very own violence; self-inflicted of course. For when they are ready to speak (if ever) no one will bother to listen.

Hebrew Yisraelites were created to worship our Father in heaven, as one nation under one power, on our very own homelands; preparing the way for our Messiah! Which is why demonic spirits that inhabit many lowly vibrating, nutrient deficient, melanin-recessive (from all races) empty vessels, must be driven off our holy homelands.

The fate of the heathen, the Gentiles, and sadly many Hebrew brethren and Shemite cousins, has already been prophesied; it is imperative to know when to stay out of the way of bible prophecy. Focus your precious but limited time and energy on kingdom nation building as the Most-High avenges all nations that participated in this demonic and cleverly devised world-wide scheme, to eliminate the nation of Yisrael from the face of the Almighty Creator’s earth creation. This is the most serious of all crimes ever committed on earth.

Much BLOOD is owed to Chief Warrior God and he’s here to collect, no questions asked, no due process. The spirit of Elijah is upon the earth!

“So you shall not pollute the land where you are; for blood defiles the land, and no atonement can be made for the land, for the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who shed it.” (Numbers 35.33)

This is the fate of the evil Gentile Nations (the Psalms 83 Conglomerate) who have heinously abused the Most High’s chosen treasured-ones:

“Prepare slaughter for his children (the pale horse) because of the iniquities of their fathers, Lest they rise up and possess the land, And fill the face of the world with cities.” (Isaiah 14.21)

Gentiles can either cleave or go down with their brethren, there is no middle-ground. “It is best to be either hot or cold, but never lukewarm.” They may carry on with the work of satan, with those deceptive ‘smirks’ on their wicked, blood-filled mouths; or turn their faces to the Most-High-Chief Warrior God!!!

Many have not grasped the modern-day concept of ‘vetting’ and mostly likely never will, when Scripture teaches us to always, Use Discernment, and Try the Spirt‘ for ‘Ye shall know them by their fruit.’ Opening your heart does not mean opening your door wide-open, to any damn body. Hanging around dead trees trying to force out good fruit is just plain stupid.

The Seed of Satan thrives off of your Hebrew attention. Pull your holy electromagnetic life-force energy from these demon-possessed empty vessels (attention whores) and watch them start to magically disappear. Be courteous but firm in public and know that your energy controls every room you enter, and not the other way around. Observe with divine silence and you will be amazed at your power. YAH says ‘it’s time to pull the life-support plug (your holy energy) from this dead world once and for all.’

To the Hebrew swirlers who have contaminated their seed by mixing with the Gentiles and the heathen (most likely out of self-hate), you should never assume your offspring will be received by the Most-High for only YAH choses the womb that will carry forth his sacred seed and bloodline. Imagine your wife (or husband) having an affair on you and then bringing the bastard children back to you to care for and raise. How exactly would that make you feel?

“Never ever try to bend the Most-High’s Laws, Statutes and Commandments to suite your personal lifestyle choices.”

The Most-High wants the best of the best of the best; see this as the most important job interview of your soul’s eternal life.

The Spirit of Jealously is running rampant among the Tribe of Yisrael so proceed with caution; for you and only you are responsible for your eternal soul. Beware of those out there trying to force you to love up on your generational oppressors; the heathen devils that raped, robbed, and murdered our ancestors. There is a time for everything under the sun, and the time for that foolishness is not now.

The Most-High is not the author of confusion, so if new information confuses you, don’t assume that other Hebrews are just as confused. Consider the fact that you have reached your talent capacity, or you have run out of Talents(s) and now you are out to steal others, and lastly, maybe you never had any talent(s) to begin with. Lying spirits are amongst all of us since we are still being ‘tested’ in the wilderness. (See the Talants Parable in Scripture).

Its heartbreaking to watch the arrogant, stiffed-necked foolish, so called, leaders in our community, act in such a self-righteous, immature, and arrogant manner. As if anyone can ever have a monopoly over the Word of the Most High YAH; whom he alone choses for certain roles on his earth creation.

For such large egos, the minds of these petty leaders are so small that they do not even understand the simple concept of abundance; for there is more than enough for all. These aged and dated juvenile delinquents, falsely accuse their so-called brethren, then carry on as if nothing ever happened in the name of our Almighty Lord and Saviour. No humility, no apology, no acknowledgment of wrongdoing, and worst of all, no repentance. Sadly, all of these things must come to pass. May the Most High YAH have mercy upon their souls!

Years ago, the Most High told me “It only takes one, the right one” and after years of ‘searching’ that one has been officially identified. He is humble, gracious, respectful, and never tries to force his lessons or opinion upon the community, twist scripture to validate his teachings, nor does he threaten anyone who disagrees with him. I am in the process of Scribing his many brilliant lessons (Intellectual Property) and Chief Warrior God is quite pleased. This brother has earned his Spiritual Doctorate PhD and is college Professor ready. He is strong enough to work independently and will go wherever our Father in Heaven leads him. Those that come against this ‘anointed’ Priest-King and Prophet in YAH’s making, should know that in the end, he will prevail! All Praises, Honour, and Glory, unto the Most-High YAH, always & forever!!! Ha Le Lu YAH!!!

The Body of YAH–Anatomy 101: Each body part has a ‘vital’ function and when one tiny minute cell mutates out of its place, it throws off the optimal functioning of The (whole) Body! This impairs and delays Olympic opportunities & guaranteed wins (blessings) from the Most-High YAH! All Praises!!!

“Woe unto the under educated, arrogant, stiff-necked fools who self-appoint themselves titles and foolishly think the Most High is only speaking to them, constantly disrupting The Body of YAH. These self-righteous fools are no longer receiving a ‘word’ from The Most-High, so now they are scavenging social media to ‘steal’ the ‘words’ of others while tarnishing their reputations in the process. If you do not agree with another brethren’s teachings, then stay away from their social media sites. YAH could care less about your earthly age or your many years of religious experience while in the flesh. Who the HELL do you lowly self-righteous fools thing you are? All is being recorded and sent back unto the heavenly realm to be used against you in the Divine Court of Law.”

“Children of the Most-High are the chosen Illuminated Children of Light.”   Big Judah

Let’s all congratulate Ha Satan for his diabolical, yet brilliant scheme in this great spiritual Chess match against The Most-High YAH. Let’s thank our Heavenly Father for turning the face of the Dragon away from the remnant and onto his very own satanic seed. Ha Satan delights in evil, regardless of whom that evil is directed.

Always remember that Satan’s ilk thrives on attention, so the best way to deal with these envious haters is to simply ignore them as if they don’t exist on YAH’s earth creation. This simple but highly effective strategy drives them deeper into their crazy.

The remnant who has ascended spiritually are now much envied and hated by enemies and fellow brethren alike, so beware for the lowly vibrating, self-righteous haters are on the prowl.

The more they babble their indignant nonsense, the more they dig themselves deeper into the very own spiritual graves. Lying Spirits will continue to mislead and deceive them so they can make complete fools of themselves LIVE on air, for the whole wide world to witness!!!

Remnant: A small remainder of TMH’s righteous Copper-Colored Spiritualites and Gentiles that cleve.

Negro-Americans, Whole Body Wellness

Melanin Institute of Hueman Technology™

The Melanin Institute of Hue-man Technology™ is the knowledge epicenter for neuromelanin-minded creations of The Most High YAH, located across “All 4 Corners of the Almighty ‘Creator’s’ Earth Creation.”  

We use divine ancient wisdom to teach YOU how to take 100% possession of your melanated-mind, cleanse your body-temple & connect to The Holy Spirit of Truth that dwells within your sacred soul

Our on-going courses and workshops at The Institute teaches each generation ‘The Science of Melanin’ down to ‘The Business of Melanin’ and other mind-enriching courses that will make you fall in love with your divine-endowed spiritual melanin molecules.  

Our mission is to curate, exhibit, and preserve, the legacies and life-work of our so-called BLACK American researchers, scholars, educators, historians, and priest-scientists.  The MIHT serves as a network and archive of the accomplishments of our copper-colored melanin pioneers (past & present) from the Arts, Sciences & Hue-manities.

Our President and Chief Education Officer (CEO) is Dr. T. Owens Moore, who is trained as a Biomedical Research Scientist and Physiological Psychologist.  Dr. Moore earned his B.S. degree from Lincoln University, PA and completed his master’s and doctoral thesis work at Howard University in Washington, D.C. 

Professor Moore is a distinguished educator who appreciates interdisciplinary studies and has served as a college professor and scholar for more than 25 years.  His specialty courses are in the fields of Neuroscience and African-Centered Psychology.

Dr. Moore is currently serving our community as a Full Professor & Chairperson of the Department of Psychology at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA.

Black Indians, dark matter, Hebrews to Negroes, Neuromelanin

That Dark Matter is Melanin Matter

Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening™

That Dark Melanin Matter abundantly stored in your Brain Computer & Vital Organs is the same Dark Melanin Matter that Pervades the Entire Universe.  Dark Melanin Life-Force Energy Matter also surrounds your Spinal Column (7-Chakra Spiritual Centers), which in turn Spark & Illuminate Colorful Bursts of Electromagnetic Holy Life-Force Energy from the Great Spirit! “He made Darkness His Hiding-Place, His Pavilion around Him.  Darkness of Waters, Thick Clouds of the Skies.” Psalms 18:11 

According to the late Doctors of Psychiatry, Frances Cress Welsing, M.D. and Richard King, M.D., “The BLACK Color of Melanin allows its Chemical Structure to Absorb, Store, and Generate Light and Sound Energy.  The ability of BLACKS to absorb the most Sunlight, allows BLACKS to have a Higher Level of Perception and the Highest Ability to Communicate with the Spiritual World.”

The Computer Information Age has drastically shifted human perception across “all four corners of the Earth” and this shift in perception” is turning Social, Political & Cultural Perceptions upside-down.

A Spiritual Awakening is occurring, so NATURALLY, these are exciting times for those who possess in abundance, the “Spiritual & Magical Melanin Molecule.”

Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening™ provides simple solutions on how to maneuver thru the (material) madness & (spiritual) organized chaos so you are “In the world but not of the world.”Once you follow ALL the Instructions  in this Divine Inspired Guide, you will create the perfect ‘environment’ in which to connect to Divine Wisdom at your Highest Spiritual Level.